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Registration for the DaS Garnelenchampionat at 30. november - 02. december 2018


Fields with asterisk (*) required.



First choose your categories.

A show group consists of 3 to 5 shrimps. You may enter a total of fifteen groups.

For each set of shrimp, an entry fee of €12,-is charged, given that, after the contest, you enter your shrimp in the auction for the benefit of the Shrimp Championship.The proceed will be split, 50% for the championship and 50% will go to the participant.

The entry fee is € € 20.- per show group if you want to take your shrimps back after the competition.

The entry fee is € 20.- per show group if you want to take your shrimps back per return shipment. Return shipment costs an extra charge of €10 .- per participant (not per show group). The delivery charges have to be payed by participant too.

The decision either to auction or keep your shrimps can be different for each group entry.



Befor you can send the registration you must read and accepted (1) the guidelines.



1.) Guidelines

read and accepted Guidelines.

Entry fees can only be processed by Paypal. After clicking on the “send” button you will be forwarded to the Paypal payment page. Here you can log in with your own Paypal user name and password. The alternative is to use the credit card payment procedure, or bank transfer for unique users. You will find further information about Paypal here: www.paypal.com

Do you want to pay per bank transfer? Please write to info@das-championat.de



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